Day 9

I woke at 4 am but then fell back to sleep Eric was just packing when I emerged. Not such the early start I was planning. But i was on the trail by 7.30. Today was a boring day nothing exciting to see. I grabbed water at Mikes place (trail angel) As I was leaving a Hiker called “DC “was coming to mikes I recognised him as the hiker who may of dropped the Knife. Did you lose anything ? I asked “well yes a Knife”, “like this one” I said holding out his knife.
Yes  he replied  dam I said  best I give it you back then , Thanks snail I owe you one !
I said goodbye and see you up the trail then I set off up those hills, the climbs were fairly steep but when it’s time to go down. the downs were stone filled and gravel so it was slow as it killed the knees plus it was easy to turn an ankle. Seemed liked I spent the whole day descending. Then tuck caught me up and passed me being a slow old bloke. I passed her later while she (Tuck) was having lunch. Later I stopped for mine, tortillas with tuna and cheese sticks yummy, then time to walk again ,luckily it was cool, but I didn’t seem to be doing the miles. After about 8 miles it was time for water. My maps said that there was a water source 1/4 mile down the hill. Why are they always down a hill? You walk down empty then struggle back with. A full load…
It’s was fifteen miles from here to Paradise cafe. Mm I can’t make that. But want to do 6 more than camp. My map says there are some camp sites in 3 miles, but typically after passing several great spots , The so called  camp site is rubbish .Dam dam I have walked past some good sites now’s there’s nothing and I’m tired and hungry. So I pitched my tent on top of a mountain. It’s bloody windy so I won’t get much sleep .But I was done,I will possibly regret this. I made tea then cooked some scummy pasta which i soon scoffed
I’m soon snuggled in my bag 18 miles done :0)

My water Source
My water Source

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