Day 7 Heading to Warner Springs

April 23rd

Well I was so looking forward to a good night’s sleep….Really I was
I was awoke at 2 am  by a huge centipede crawling over my face, how did you get into my tent.
I scooped the beast up and threw him out. 1-2-3 and relax and I was soon back to sleep…
But no, now the wind arrived and I was worried my tent would be ripped to bits it was scary, so no no sleep.
I woke exhausted but managed to get on the trail by 7.30 the trail started with a few climbs but my feet seemed heavy, but I was in my stride after an hour. Later I was joined by another hiker, we seemed to push each other along and soon cruised past the 100 mile point whoop hurrah. Then next water was at Barrel Springs where I stopped for foot check,sock change and a well deserved rest
Next stop Warner Springs. As I walked I was just amazed at the countryside. Wide open fields that stretch for miles. Then through luscious woodland. Finishing off with the obligatory climb before entering Warner Springs whoop another 20 miles.Sadly I was too late for the post office. But there is a community center that I can get a shower,fantastic as I stink but sadly I’m too late for that too. 😦
I camp on the green just outside with other smelly hikers and enjoy the last of the sunshine, Eric is here too so I chat with him and other hikers. To my right are several baseball courts (Diamonds) so I watch a few of the kids practicing before my eyes decide that it is bedtime



Warner Springs
Warner Springs

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