Day 5 My first 20. Miler

I woke to an empty campsite, I topped up with water and was on the trail by 7. (Still not early enough)  My pack feels so much better so the miles flew by and wow what fantastic scenery I’m actually enjoying the trail today :0) But it’s just so hot, no shade at all but the climbs were not too steep. Oh great a water cache… I was just filling up when Eric appears. We have been swapping miles for the last two days. But he’s fitter than me so was soon in the distance. The trail then came to an energy sapping climb and in the heat unbearable. Once at the top there were several hikers sheltering from the sun, so I joined them and had an hours sleep as the sun was melting!!
Then off again heading for the next water source… I arrived around 6 refilled and then rested in the shade .There were about a dozen other hikers here some resting some cooking then CNC arrived. This was the couple I camped with on day one. It Was good to see them. After they refilled their water they headed off
I thought I could do a few more miles so set off too , but typically the trail was steep and nowhere to put a tent. I was done ,but needed to find a flat spot ,I climbed a few more hills just looking for somewhere to camp Then hurrah a tent ,then I saw CNC’s tent . They invited me over so i so joined them. Wow what great views I quickly made dinner then crashed

Perfect View
Hikers Resting

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