Day 4 shake down

Another good sleep and as the shop didn’t open till 10 am I had a lie in yeah.
so lazily I made breakfast then dropped camp
As I headed for the store I threw  my roll of Tyvek away and my camp shoes in the nearest bin ,(Both rash decisions that I would regret )
At last I met Dave, He weighed my pack then instructed me to make several piles of what I actually needed
My luxury items and  nice to have
Eric also had a shake down and I watched the hours tick by but…Several hours later and a few hundred Dollars lighter I had swapped my pack ,my sleeping bag, my stove and my water filter
That lost me 16 lb phew and it felt so good (BIG SMILEY FACE)
I unfortunately discarded  several bits of kit that in hindsight I should of kept or at least posted up the trail
At last I set off again it was early afternoon and so it was only going to be a short afternoon
The trail was kind and I put in good miles but due to a late start I pulled off to find a camp
There were several hikers already here and luxury a drop toilet and even better trail magic, a water cache. I filled up then put up my tent and cooked supper.


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