Day 2 Boulder oaks 10 miles

After two low flying helicopters I was fast asleep. I  woke at 7 am  .Pop tarts for breakfast then I’m off. The first part was a two mile climb  I’m heading for Lake Moreno. God it’s hot and steep
I can’t get any speed up lugging my huge pack.. then disaster.!! Is my bladder empty. Did it leak in the night as I didn’t check  it that’s morning Dam dam  am I going to have enough water. ….After the climb I needed a rest  doh!! I had put the bladder in upside  down so I was just sucking air  phew
Several hours later the lake came into view and at last the campsite. Can’t wait to loose all this small change I’ve been lugging.  But couldn’t find  the shop  ; 0 (
So i washed my stinky shirt under a tap had lunch  and  lazed in the sun while my shirt dried, then it was time to walk.
But  god I’m knackered! !! The heat, my pack. after another 5 miles trudge I arrived at Boulder Oaks campsite . …..Water!  The water is  on .This will do me, 10  miles today.
I found a flat spot for my tent, just as I was setting up Ryan past by.
I cooked my supper then zzzzz

Boulder Oaks
Lake Moreno

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