Day 1


The alarm  screamed get up get up get up. IT was early just gone four am and bob wanted to leave at 5 am We loaded all of our kit into the back of Bobs car , Checked one last time  if we had everything , enough water then we strapped ourselves in and the adventure began
It was about an hour to the starting point so no turning back,this was it .
We arrived at about  5.54 just as the morning began to get light. We posed for the obligatorily photos. Then it was time to walk ,At 6 am we set off together Hendrick,Kevin and Myself on this cool morning
The trail began as a meandering walk but it soon began to climb and climb. Lesson 1  have a light pack. Lesson 2 don’t carry too much food. Lesson 3 carry more water.  By mile 7 I was shattered The heat ,my heavy pack, so I took an hours sleep..I was finding  that  every ten minutes I was needing  a rest. Then omg by mile 9 my bladder was empty leaving me with under a litre. I may be in trouble
I had wanted to start the hike with 6 liters. But Bob the trail angel said you will be fine with four!!!.There is a saying on the trail. “Hike your own hike” .so yes another lesson learnt!
I should of taken more water  but then water is heavy  another thing you soon learn. Luckily for me some fellow hikers helped me out. by giving me a bottle of gator aid and a huge swig of water.. I set off slowly keeping an eye on my dwindling water. I’m resting again at mile 12 when two fellow hikers stopped and gave me 1/2 a liter each.. I looked across the valley and the switchbacks that climbed up the other side OMG i said again to myself and then set off down towards Hawsers Creek
I finally made it to hawsers creek at 6 pm. Omg
There was a water cache there thank you god and the great bloke who put it after drinking my fill . I put up my tent and got chatting to CNC a hiking couple.I made hot chocolate and then mac cheese then got into my tent I was asleep just after the 3rd helicopter sweep zzzzz


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