here we go

Wow what a long day flight . got to La at 2 pm local time.then Immigration oh my god that took an hour then off to terminal 5 for my next flight. ..
God I need a beer my first one was $17  really !!! The second was $8. I’m learning to look at the menu first !
My connecting  flight is 8pm yawn is it. Bed time
I arrived at  San Diego waited for my case to be unloaded  then made my way to the exit.
I found a phone  and  dialed Bob , He advised me  to wait outside and  he  be  there shortly . I was now  excited and  nervous
Bob the local trail Angel picked me up just past nine. I loaded my gear into the back then we went to pick up another lady before being dropped off at Bob’s. Bob then went back to the airport to get another hiker.
Bob had two hikers upstairs already asleep ,I slept in the motor home  with another hiker who was starting his hike in the morning
I was now  geting nervous  but so so excited

Here  I come

Here I come


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