6 Days

My rucksack is packed and I am now trying to leave it alone It currently sits on the table staring at me with its Companion the suitcase . All three of us can’t wait to board that plane and set off nothing more to buy , nothing more I need or so I hope .

Last minute checks

Empty the fuel out of the fuel bottle, and stow
Sterilise and rinse out my bladder (not my bladder) and stow
Check bus times to airport …….. Relax

Oh but BIG! Thank you Vaude a brand new hot off the press lightweight floor Protector for my tent arrived yesterday and is a ¼ the weight and size of my roll of Tyvek . So now the Tyvek is staying at home. So thanks again this product has only just been released by Vaude and rushed to me before I leave so thanks again for the swift service :0) Tomorrow is my Last Day at Staples , I will miss the people , I have really enjoyed my time here , so mixed emotions , It does appear that many of my colleagues are quite envious the fools lol



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