Counting The Days

Today  is  Friday , The  traditional  day  to  visit  the  pub  for a cheeky lunchtime beer But  today  I was  Taken  to  the  Crown  at  Penn for a farewell lunch with my  work  colleagues It was made even more special as a past employee Rachel turned up with Helen, so lovely  to see you Both . So thank you everyone  , You  all made me feel  very  special  and I will  miss you  guys . All these people  have  been watching this  adventure  grow  from me  constantly  boring them with my planning   and  then the reality  as my kit began arriving (delivered to work). and as I unpacked it  I exclaimed  Hey look  at  my  new  Pants  and whoop  Osprey said  yes to  the Backpack OMG So I have 1   more week  of  work  to  go  then  that’s  it  for  six  months  . I  love  my  job, the varied  work, The challenges , The great  people  and  the silly  banter  that  we swap in the office  .It  will be sad  to  leave  but  the  PCT   has  captured my  imagination So yes mixed emotions ,  dread  fear  anticipation .Seeing  other people  start the trail  is  not  helping I am so  looking forward  to the obligatory  photo  on the  monument at  campo  then  putting  one  foot  in front  of  the  other   and beginning  my own adventure


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