12 Days

Counting Down now only 12 days to go. Well  my pack has been packed and repacked  and packed again just in case and then there Is  my Reserve  Gear  or most commonly named My bounce Box . I had planned to post other items my ice axe, spare Boots maps  etc.From the UK , But after visiting he post office I decided that wasn’t such a good idea  (Far too much Cash) But instead i managed to fit it all into  the Big Blue Suitcase   ..Problem solved .



My Kit


When I arrive in San Diego I am being met By Rob one of the trail Angels and will stay with him  for two days . Day one  i will  decant  the suitcase   and  post the items  up the trail , resupply  food, water and  fuel  and  post them to my resupply points. Thursday morning Rob will drive  me to the trail  head , and then let the fun begin  !! Several; of  my  friends   have  started on the  trail today . Good luck  to them and  the Class of 2014 . I am  just so excited  I  can’t wait to get there and start



Hikers at the Start



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