16 Days to go

It’s been a somewhat daunting and exciting time the past few months, prepping for my PCT Adventure. The inventory of gear, constant weighing with trying to go lighter ha ha think I may have one of the heaviest packs. I’m done shopping well I think I have but can’t stop peeking as I walk past a Gear shop .. Mm do I need one of those? I’m quite comfortable with my choices for my gear. As I haven’t got support in the US, I’m not doing resupply boxes . God that must be a nightmare. many people are sending 20 plus I’m basically on my own out there, I won’t have a “support” person to supply me sob .So I won’t expect any surprise packages or letters while on the trail . I will publish my Itinerary and resupply points shortly so if you would like to send me a post-card ,words of encouragement Or food . My Kids are taking care of My dog oh and the house (hopefully) I don’t think that covers watering my plants or feeding the fish, both of which can be replaced ! I have 16 days until I fly to San Diego and 17 until I start hiking!! I hope the excess baggage charge isn’t too steep when I get to the Airport!!!


Packages awaiting Collection


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