Panic is setting In !!

For the last few days, I have rechecked and checked my pack.
Unpacked and repacked my Bounce Box. Do I really need all this gear?

Answer: – Probably not, most is just in case, I am bringing spares and replacements?
My logic is well, I do not want to be spending excess money whilst on the trail especially as a lot of the kit was free from suppliers and I am coming from the UK
My next worry is my resupply, so with the aid of Craig’s PCT Planner,
I have check and doubled checked my data my resupply points.

Yeah I will be fine, although I am green when it comes to the PCT I am a firm believer that you can over plan. Therefore, although I have rechecked all my plans I am mostly worried about my first few weeks. My thinking is once I have those first few days under my belt I’ll know more about how much water I need, how much food I will eat and how many miles that I can cover in a day

My plan is to start slow and build miles as my fitness and experience grow, well it is not a race although there is a window to complete the trail plus I have my flight home booked mid-September even though on paper, I will not be finished until October maybe reckless but it is a Goal!

Hiking Window


Most Northbounders start in mid-April through early May. Southbound hikers generally start in late June through early July. Many people want to start early. Beware. Snow covers sections of the trail in the spring and early summer. In Southern California, dangerous stretches blanket the trail within the first 200 miles of the border. If you head into the Sierra too early, you’ll face significant snow and stream crossing obstacles. In Washington, steep, risky snow slopes turn PCT travel into mountaineering well into early July.

Late starts also present problems. Southern California can be dangerously hot and your safety may be at risk. If you’re starting late and plan to do the whole trail as a thru-hike, you’ll face other problems. Are you fit and lucky enough to be able to sustain endurance power-hiking? Will winter shut down travel before you are done?

Thank you2




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