Only about one month left. Doubts arise. Is this the right thing to do? What about my job? What am I going to do when I come home? I am deliberately stepping out of cosy security into great risk. Rent is not going to pay its self. What if I get hurt early on and have to cancel my hike? Fears pop up everywhere and yet excitement is greater than it ever was before.
I will take each day as it comes. Every day I will learn something new. I can do this.

It is a challenge, I can do it, and I know that it will be a steep learning curve.I believe I have the knowledge but maybe not the experience, I will earn that.The closer I get to my actual start date, the more a certain type of restlessness teases me.Do I have everything?  Will that shirt be okay or should I swap it for that other one?
Roger, your kit is fine you have everything, and if you have not you can buy it there.
It is a strange agitation about the unknown ahead. The unknown after the trail. Well I will worry about that in October!
Now that everyone has accepted my decision, I am getting worried. So, why am I still determined to pull this through? It is not yet too late to abort the mission, right






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