Current Crazy Thoughts

Here are my current crazy thoughts:

Worry 1:  Will I have enough money?

Probably not, but I’m still going for it, I can do this

Worry 2:   Will my gear be all right?

I have blagged most of my kit from suppliers, It’s  not  the  lightest and so my pack is heavy  too heavy , I know it works, and I know how to use it. It’s going to be fine.

Worry 3:  What if I get out there and decide this was a bad idea?

Well what’s the worst that can happen is I “quit,” but at least I’ve tried. Most folks can’t even say that. It’s not about the destination, but the journey, and I know how freaking awesome the journey is
I can’t believe it is already nearing April, where have the months gone?
I am filled with excitement and anticipation for this adventure. This is just so huge
I have a lot of indoor free think time. I have time to worry,which is bad. I read and re-read journals and information all the time on the net, I have time to think up crazy worries and dwell on them. It will be fine!!

I have done just as much, or lack of planning. Sometimes you just need to hike to get it all worked out. So that will be part of the plan, just Hike





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